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Referee Points

Referee Points and Playoff Eligibility

What is the deal with Referees?
AYSO is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. Serving our community is core to our principles and volunteering as referees benefits our children and families with a better experience. By maintaining our all-volunteer status we are granted priority access to playing fields in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. AYSO Certified Referees work with Coaches and Parents to keep the game fair, Safe and Fun. Without a certified referee, we are not allowed to play. We are in constant need to recruit new referees and improve our skills so we offer free training and extensive mentoring and support. Many of our volunteer AYSO referees also work as professionals for clubs and schools and our youth referees earn school service credits.

Can anyone referee?
The rules are easy to learn and the duties for newly certified Assistant Referees are simple. Can you determine when a ball has left the field and raise a flag? Congratulations, you're well on your way! 

Why do we have Referee Points?
The purpose of Referee Points is to incentivize and reward teams and parents for volunteering and sustaining our all-volunteer organization. The referee at your child's game was provided by a team earning points for their child/grandchild/sibling's team. Besides the benefit of keeping the game safe and fair for everyone, we reward teams with the opportunity to play in the postseason when they have earned a sufficient number of referee points.  Unfortunately, "Club" [non-certified] referees are ineligible to accrue points.

How many points are required?

The number of Referee Points a team requires to qualify for postseason play is (3 x Scheduled Games / 2). For example, in a ten (10) game season 15 points would be required (3 x 10 / 2) = 15.

What are the ways we can earn points?

1 Point for each team with a Team referee in SportsConnect,
1 Point for each team that sends a representative to the preseason referee meeting,
3 Points upon completing Regional Referee or higher certification, 
2 Points upon completing first new referee assignment (of any type),
1 - 2 Points earned for every completed assignment, including the first assignment.

I’m a new referee, what are the steps to earn enough points for my team to qualify for postseason? 
Division Director works with coaches to identify team referees, assist them with signing-up in SportsConnect and allocating them to the appropriate teams,
New Referee completes the online training,
New Referee attends in-person class and earns Regional Referee Badge,
New Referee completes Referee or Assistant Referee assignments.          

What happens to teams with less than 50% of the required points?

Teams with less than 50% of the required Referee Points will be excluded from Postseason Competition.

My team has more than 50% of the required Referee Points, what is my reward?
Not only does your team get to play, the team with a higher Referee Point total will be designated the home team with all the attending privileges for all intra-regional playoff games (both kick-off and choose goal to defend, choice of side to sit-on).

How are points calculated?

Completed referee assignments are calculated automatically by MatchTrak, our game scheduling and referee assignment system. All other points are entered manually into MatchTrak. Contact our Regional Referee Administrator, Tim Wrubel, if there is any discrepancy in manual points entry. Automatically calculated points from referee assignments will not be revised.  

Is there a separate policy for EXTRA Teams?
Participation in the EXTRA program has additional requirements set by Section 11 EXTRA program. Teams that do not meet requirements are ineligible for postseason play.

  1. At least three (3) certified AYSO referees per EXTRA team active in AYSO programs.

  2. Teams must comply with their Region’s Referee Point Policy.

Where can teams view their required points and progress?
Your team’s required points and progress can be viewed on your team’s MatchTrak page.

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