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AYSO Region 97 Newport - Costa Mesa

Opening Day is September 10th!!

Practices have already begun. If you have not yet heard from your coach they may still be on vacation. If you haven't heard by Friday the 2nd contact you Division Director for that age. 


Coach Clinic

Please join us for a Coach Clinic Sunday September 11th at
Pinkley Park, 360 Ogle Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627


U7-U10  2:00pm-4:00pm

**Please bring your own chair and water.

Please see for helpful coaching links and information.
Contact John Curtis for more information!

Below are some references related to the drills that will be taught.

Mud Line

The AYSO Region 97 Mud Line number has changed. For the latest information, you can now call:

949-424-AYSO (2976)

We will continue to update HERE as the weather situation changes. Thank you!

Regarding Costa Mesa's Residency Verification

The City of Costa Mesa recently sent (via email) each of our player families a request for proof of residency. This request is legitimate, and the following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to this topic.

For any questions about this policy, please contact Christian Hernandez ( with the City of Costa Mesa or the National Office of AYSO.

Q: Does the City of Costa Mesa require proof of residency for all youth sports organizations?

A: Yes, this policy was adopted in 2015.

"Local Resident" is defined as persons living within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) boundaries in Costa Mesa & Newport Beach and/or their child attends any public or private school within the NMUSD boundaries.

Q: If I'm not a local resident as defined above, may my child still participate in AYSO Region 97?

A: Yes, this policy mandates that Group 1 User Groups (AYSO Region 97) meet at least 75% total residency in their entire group. Historically, Region 97  meets with 98%.

Q: Why and how is this being done?

A: There is both a limited supply and great demand for active use field space in the Newport-Mesa area. In order to be able to accommodate all the participating youth in Newport-Mesa on these fields, the cities need to ensure local residents are being served first. In years past, some groups have had greater amounts of participants from outside Newport-Mesa.

Every user group is being asked to provide proof of local residency of its participants. This information is being audited by the City to ensure compliance to the local residency mandates are adhered to in the policy.

Q: How did they get my information?

A: The AYSO National Offices provided all contact information to the City of Costa Mesa.

Q: If I do not provide proof, will I be removed from my team?

A: Please comply with the City's request. If our region does not meet the residential requirements, AYSO Region 97 could lose its use of City facilities.

Q: If I don't live in Costa Mesa, may I still play?

A: Yes, AYSO regions offer Open Registration to everyone from everywhere.

AYSO Region 97 & National volunteers have gone to great lengths to protect your privacy. Countless hours have been spent to make this process as easy as possible and make certain the City will not share your personal information.

Verification documents may include copies of one of the following:

  • Cover of child's report card
  • School ID
  • Parent Driver's License or State-issued ID Card with current address
  • Utility Bill
  • Letter from child's school verifying enrollment

Friendly Reminder to all AYSO Region 97 families:

AYSO Region 97 has a strict "NO DOG" policy. Dogs are not allowed on the field at practices or games.

Mud Line

Our AYSO Region 97 Mud Line number has changed. For the latest information, call:

949-424-AYSO (2976)